How NETS team can help you with your Cloud journey?
  • Understand the as-is architecture and constraints
  • Gather detailed as-is usage data
  • Develop a detailed financial model for a selection of solution options
  • Cost Optimization & reconfiguration
  • Gauge security and performance risks
  • Propose the best cloud migration strategy for your application (s)
  • Design a cost-effective, agile, scalable and elastic Azure / AWS environment(s)
  • Implement core infra with provider subscriptions
  • Establish connectivity between on-Prem and Cloud Provider to extend services in AZURE / AWS
  • Migrate Data to AWS / AZURE and Redirect services to AWS / AZURE
  • Decommission on-Prem services as required
  • Continuous Monitoring of Cloud infrastructure
  • Provide 24×7 Incident Response
  • Manage Patching, Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Alerts on Security & Compliance

AWS Cloud Services

AWS or Amazon Web Services is a cloud based offering a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services that help organizations move faster, lower IT costs, and scale applications..
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Elastic Load Balancing
  • AWS Security & Compliance
  • AWS Backup
  • AWS Site Recovery
  • AWS Migration services

NETS team can help you harness the power of Amazon AWS cloud  by seamlessly designing, deploying, migrating and managing your cloud platform. 

Do your business applications run on multiple OS environments?


We can quickly spin up a variety of EC2 instance types with configuration requirements specific to your application code. This will also include configuration of policies to scale up or scale down to reduce cost of your infrastructure. EC2 instances will use Elastic Block Storage EBS to manage throughput and transaction intensive workloads

Are you hassled by the growing storage needs as your business data volumes growing fast?


AWS S3 storage is ideal for modern applications that rely on durability, availability, scalability and performance to meet the needs of their customers. As these are massively scalable, you can store and process hundreds of terabytes of data to support the big data scenarios. And it is elastic, so you can design applications for a large audience, and scale those applications as needed. We can also fine tune your storage infrastructure to achieve optimal storage size, throughput, and IOPS

Do you want all your cloud resources to securely communicate with each other?


Through AWS Virtual Private Cloud service, we can help you to meet the complex networking requirements of your multi-tier application infrastructure, ensuring Multitenancy and High Availability. We can also customize different networking features for your applications, such as IP address schemes, application layers, routing, security and monitoring for optimal performance.

Do you need a secure yet scalable always-on private virtual network?

AWS Elastic Load Balancer

We can help you to achieve High Availability and optimal performance for your application infrastructure through Amazon Elastic Load Balancer. We can precisely customize it for you so that it delivers optimal performance for different use cases and behaviors specific to your application needs.

Do you want ensure your virtual machines and cloud computing resources as secure from any unauthorized access?

AWS Security & Compliance

We can security harden your AWS resources through AWS Firewall Manager. Seamlessly bring new applications and resources into compliance by enforcing a common set of security rules. We can also manage AWS Trusted Advisor for you to identify security gaps and compliance issues keeping you safe from potential security risks.

Are you using multiple data sources – SQL, NoSQL, In-memory cache – that need to be managed effortlessly?


We can manage and fine tune different metrics related to relational database services such as Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora for you, ensuring fault-tolerance, high performance and availability at all time. We can also setup and manage scalable distributed in-memory cache using Amazon ElastiCache and datastores such as Amazon RedShift.

Do you want complete control of your AWS environment through authentication methods for people and processes?


We can help you to improve your overall security posture and compliance through AWS IAM. Protect your application infrastructure with IAM Users and Groups, Policies, Roles and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Do you agree that regular backups ensure you have secure and clean data to keep your business running ?

AWS Backup

We can setup backup and restore mechanisms for your application resources through AWS Backup and AWS Storage Gateway. We can configure backup policies and monitor backup activity for your application data resources, enabling you to meet your business and regulatory backup compliance requirements.

AWS Site Recovery


Are you concerned about any unlikely disaster recovery situations for your IT and computing infrastructure?

AWS CloudEndure is a Disaster Recovery as a Service. We can help you to setup and configure the necessary metrics required to protect your most critical databases. This in turn can save you from potential data center failures, server corruptions, or cyber-attacks. You can ensure minimal downtime and data loss as CloudEndure provides fast, reliable recovery of physical, virtual, and cloud-based servers into AWS. We can also help you to replicate your machines into a low-cost staging area, reducing the cost of your disaster recovery infrastructure significantly.

AWS Migration Services

Are you planning to migrate to a hybrid cloud infrastructure that ensures simplified administration, lower cost, higher scalability & availability, advanced security and improved business agility?
AWS Server Migration Service is an agentless migration service provided by AWS. We can make it easier and faster for you to migrate on-premises workloads to AWS by utilizing this service. We can also help you to automate, schedule, and track incremental replications of live server volumes, making it easier for you to coordinate large-scale server migrations.
CloudEndure can also be used as agent-based Migration as a Service. If you are looking to quickly rehost a large number of machines to AWS can use CloudEndure Migration without worrying about compatibility, performance disruption, or long cutover windows. It continually replicates your source machines into a staging area in your AWS account without causing downtime or impacting performance.